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YoungConsult has conducted several studies to get an understanding of Millennials’ career preferences. We have looked at both competency development, channels, work-related mindset- & tasks and much more. Here is a snippet of some of our findings.

Always online

43.2% uses Facebook to seek career opportunities

We are always online – mostly on Facebook. With Facebook, most young people have blurred line between private or professional life. Our generation is the most self-orientated generation ever, why seeking for career opportunities is a part of our identity creation process.

Career days are dead

11.1% seeks career opportunities at career days

Career days are an outdated branding platform, where most companies fail. Given the fact, that career days are one of the least used platforms for young career seekers, most companies are wasting a lot of resources, with a bad ROI as a result.

Young people do still use job databases

76% uses job databases, when seeking career opportunities

The most popular platform when seeking career opportunities is still the good old fashion job database. The job database is often the gateway between the campaign and the application, why the importance of the company’s language and visual presentation in the job advertisement cannot be underestimated.
Use their network looking opportunities

Is your youngest employee your best ambassador?

Our research shows that 2/3 are seeking job opportunities through their network – both online and offline. This network creates a great opportunity for employers to activate their youngest employee. Most companies overlook the impact of the interaction between young people. Engaging your youngest employee gives your next talent a more authentic employer brand experience.


Is your youngest employee your best ambassador?

Take into account the surroundings of your youngest employees. Many of them are probably students. They have an enormous base of fellow students who are wondering about their career, too. This means that they have much better possibilities for spreading the word about you as an employer. And they have eager listeners.

This creates a unique opportunity. Those fellow students, the eager listeners, have at least 40 years left on the job market. They might be your future employees at some point. Increase those chances by enabling your young employees as ambassadors for your workplace.



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