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Our age makes us the experts

Our number one asset is the one that you can never take away from us. We are younger than you! We are Denmark’s youngest consultancy firm, yet we are already experts on how to attract and retain young employees and consumers. What we do, how we do and why we do it is built on our intuition and understanding of the rationale. That is how we deliver results which you could never get from research. The foundation of our approach is that we understand Generation Y better than anyone else. Because we are Generation Y.

That is how we deliver results which you could never get from research.


Patrick Walther Thomsen
Brand Creator

Jacob Harlev

Nadine Skovgaard

Andreas von der Recke

Mikkel Sandal Hansen

Sebastian Balle
Data Analyst

Y YoungConsult?

YoungConsult was founded by two – but grown by several. A group of talents all believing in the unique value of being a young professional.

We founded YoungConsult at University, a place inhabited by young minds with loud voices. Many of these voices were expressing frustration with the lack of recognition and development that their current ‘Student Jobs’ were offering to them, and we felt their pain.

As ambitious students, we knew what we wanted from a job and we realised that many corporate businesses often have no idea of what that is. We could simply have kept listening to the moaning, but instead, we used our minds to silence them.


Anthony Aconis
Author, Lecturer and Founding Partner of Fireball Marketing

Jacob Theilgaard
Leadership Development Consultant at Implement Consulting Group

Peter Inselseth Jørgensen
CCO at Praice

Hans Peter Spang Hartsteen
Game Designer

Our mindset