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Strategy for Youngsters starts with Youngsters

We have developed the YoungGAP-analysis. The tool ensures that you get the correct data-driven insights about your youthful audience, whether you want to attract or retain young talents.

The tool is build on insight generated from picking the brains of 500 Danish university students and 3 leading employers of young talents. And of course our own take on the next generation of the workforce.

Our approach ensures ownership of the strategy for the company’s most important brand ambassadors – its employees. Our creative designers and consultants design and execute the perfect campaign for your brand.

We call it insight-driven creativity.


Winning hearts and minds

Talent Advocacy

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An advocacy program


Well, it is pretty simple, yet pretty awesome! With the TalentSquad, we gather the best young ambassadors at your company and facilitate an intense programme, with the purpose of embedding talent advocacy.

“I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration and this workshop has made me more aware of how lucky I am to work for Chr. Hansen.” – Talent at Chr. Hansen

We have done it before, why not do it with you?

State-of-the-Art attention

Talent Attraction


A creative, yet insightful campaign workshop

Journey Workshop

In a market where every single employer brand knocks off the same talent campaigns, we strive to raise your creativity to develop concepts with true impact.

“Chr. Hansen has got a really strong qualitative basis for their employer branding. Which can be used for many initiatives in the future, beyond just the actual examples the students came up with.” – Talent at Chr. Hansen

We bring the tools, you bring the stories – together we develop State-of-the-Art concepts.

Provocative talks and puzzling workshops

Talent Inspiration


Setting the next generation on the leadership agenda


We have great success with our inspirational talk on Millennials in the workplace. With our presentation setup “#Youngster: 5 Dogmas to govern attraction and retention of Millennials”, we present you our insights and dogmas from our book, and facilitate a fruitful discussion on the next generation workforce.

Whether the setup is a provocative discussion with the core leader team or an inspirational talk with your talents, we bring the buzz.

We have held +25 of these talks – why not do another one?

Let's do some magic!

Through research, we developed 5 Young Dogmas

Through Young Advocacy

#1 EarlyAdoption

Make sure that the brightest new talents to be aware of your company before they even start looking for a job. Steer the #Youngsters life choices in your direction.

#2 PrideCulture

Instil a sense of purpose into your Gen Y employees. It is a sure-fire way to empower and retain your #Youngsters.

#3 SharableSociable

Breed #Youngster ambassadors who can’t stop showing off about how cool your new office is, how fun your parties are, or how many great friends they have made at work.

#4 BuddyLeadership

Provide your #Youngsters with the lighthouse leaders they want and need by practicing BuddyLeadership.

#5 TrustedAutonomy

Boost the development and engagement through TrustedAutonomyand see your #Youngsters flourish in and out of the office.

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