Leading Millennials

Whether you are 2 or 200 people, we facilitate 40 minutes of inspiration and 20 minutes of discussion of how to attract and retain millennials.

Based on our book #Youngster, learn how Deloitte, Les Deux and SOUNDBOKS attracts and retains talent.

In our arsenal, we have 500+ student opinions and three case studies, which is all comprised into our book with the theme “Attracting and retaining Millennials”.

In our talks, we will take you through an entertaining, yet interesting journey from the legacy of our ancestors and parents at work to dating, boat parties and various subcultures based on our five dogmas:
1. EarlyAdoption
2. PrideCulture
3. SharableSociable
4. BuddyLeadership
5. TrustedAutonomy

Specifically, we provide you partly real life inspiration and partly from a conceptual framework to discuss millennials.

We have held +25 of these talks – why not do another one?


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