Novo Nordisk

Developing leaders’ perspectives

We bunked the stereotypes, and co-created a handy leadership toolbox

With a heritage of over 90 years in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk is leading the way for improving patients’ everyday life and helping defeat other chronic diseases. Novo Nordisk is a highly preferred employer among the Danish youngsters, since it’s worldwide presence, and highly-paced innovation efforts, allow students and graduates to participate in helping millions of patients around the world while kick-starting their career.

Bridging present and future talents

The Challenge

Novo Nordisk is an organization that pioneers within highly advanced medical technology. For Novo Nordisk to keep up this pace of innovation, a prerequisite is to seek a thorough understanding of generational differences, and how to unlock synergies through intergenerational teamwork. Furthermore, leaders in Novo Nordisk needed insights in how to leverage the capacities that Youngsters bring to the workplace, and that sometimes differs a lot from earlier generations.

The Solution

A workshop divided in two elements. First of all, an element that sheds light upon how Youngsters of today approach their daily work, and what strengths their digital, fluid and fast mindsets bring to Novo Nordisk. The second part of the workshop allowed the leaders to co-create a toolbox and frame of reference that enables them to utilize the capacities of their Youngster employees. But also to give leaders in Novo Nordisk a way of giving feedback, that can teach the many Youngsters about what it takes to make a career in a big and sometimes complex organization like Novo Nordisk.


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