To get your head around PrideCulture, we want you to understand one simple thing: Y’s are not profit-maximizers, we are purpose-maximisers.  And this alters the way we act both as consumers and as employees.

You see, the hay-day of luxury materialism died with the financial crisis and Generation Y have since launched a counter attack on it. We no longer idealize a brand purely for its price tag. Gen Y’s invest in a product not because it has a designer label, but because the product involves us in the company’s purpose. Chanel handbags have been replaced by vegan, organic, free-trade satchels, whilst Apple continues to justify their price tags with products that make their consumers proud to become part of their purpose of innovation.

As employees, money will always be a concern no matter what the generation. Yet, we are much more likely to work for less of a profit if the level of purpose makes up for it. The need to feel proud of our work is not a new concept by any means, yet PurposeCulture has rocketed in Gen Y employees like never before. Consequently, an understanding of this escalating culture is crucial in capturing and retaining the attention of your talents.

By instilling into your company a purpose which is bigger than each of its individuals, you can inspire your employees to work harder, more creatively and with much more energy. Gen Y’s go to work to make a difference and, consequently, your office must become a haven for team-driven change.

The second chapter of #Youngsters, PrideCulture goes further into the importance of purpose, the tools you need to enforce it and the ways in which you can adapt your approach on an individual basis to ensure your whole team become proudly united.

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